TMJ Treatment in Auburn, AL

TMJ Treatment in Auburn, AL

Do you experience frequent facial or jaw pain? Notice a clicking or popping sound when you eat? TMJ (also known as TMD: temporomandibular joint disorders) are dental conditions which involve, pain, tenderness or dysfunction in the jaw joints and muscles that control the movement of your jaw. Temporomandibular joint disorders can have a variety of symptoms which may include:

  • Tooth Pain
  • Facial Pain
  • Facial Swelling
  • Jaw Pain
  • Earache
  • Headache
  • Lockjaw
  • Clicking/Popping/Grinding when Opening/Closing Mouth
  • Ringing in Ears

Are you experiencing some of the above symptoms? Schedule an appointment with Central Park Dental Care for your TMJ treatment in Auburn. We’d be happy to examine you to determine if our TMJ splints may help.

About Our TMJ Splints

At Central Park Dental Care, we are proud to offer TMJ splints for our patients seeking TMJ treatment in Auburn. These TMJ dental appliances are designed to relax the muscles responsible for controlling your jaws and reduce the pain and damage caused by your TMD. Depending on the severity of your TMJ/TMD your dentist may recommend wearing your TMJ splint part-time or full-time.

Benefits of Our Auburn TMJ Treatment

When it comes to treating temporomandibular joint disorders, our TMJ splints have a variety of benefits which include:

  • Relaxing Your Jaw Muscles
  • Reducing Jaw/Facial Pain
  • Improving Facial Swelling
  • Reducing Headaches
  • Reducing Earaches
  • Eliminating Lockjaw
  • Reducing Tooth Pain

Schedule an Appointment for Your TMJ Treatment in Auburn, AL

Tired of chronic headaches? Wish you could just relax your jaw? Contact Central Park Dental Care today to schedule your appointment with us. We’re always excited to have new patients and would be happy to examine you to determine whether our TMJ treatment in Auburn is right for you.

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