Dental Exams & Cleanings in Auburn

Dental Exams & Cleanings in Auburn

When is the last time you visited your dentist for a teeth cleaning and dental exam? At Central Park Dental Care, we recommend that most of our patients schedule routine visits with us twice a year. Although at-home dental care is highly important, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to properly clean your entire mouth and check for any risks of more serious dental problems. Contact us today to schedule your dental exam and cleaning in Auburn!

Dental Exams in Auburn

During our dental exams in Auburn, we thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, tongue, lips and even jaw to check for any signs of complications. These may include decay, infection, disease and even oral cancer. When it comes to treating dental issues, it is much easier when found early and properly treated. If we notice any problems, we will discuss all of your treatment options so that you can make an informed decision.

Dental Cleanings in Auburn

Did you know most people miss certain areas of their mouth while cleaning their teeth? This can be due to the layout of their teeth, mobility issues, and oftentimes improper dental hygiene technique. At Central Park Dental Care, we can thoroughly and properly clean your entire mouth, reducing your risk for decay and even gum disease.

Benefits of Dental Exams & Cleanings

At Central Park Dental Care, our routine dental check-ups and cleanings have many benefits for our patients which include:

  • Reduces Bad Breath
  • Prevents Decay
  • Prevents Infection
  • Prevents Disease
  • Prevents Costly Dental Treatments
  • Allows Your Dentist to Check for Any Risk Factors

Schedule an Appointment for Your Dental Exam & Teeth Cleaning

If you haven’t seen your dentist in the last 6 months for a teeth cleaning and oral examination, contact Central Park Dental Care today! We’re always accepting new patients and would be happy to examine and thoroughly clean your beautiful smile.

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