Why You Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction this Friendship Day

Aug 01, 2020

Your wisdom teeth may not have sufficient room for proper growth, resulting in pain. Impacted wisdom teeth are at the risk of infections and can lead to other dental complications.

To avoid potential threats, you need to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction procedure. The surgical process is applicable upon diagnostic tests that indicate the future severity of the teeth. Visit your oral surgeon if you experience pain during the growth of your wisdom teeth for evaluation.

When it’s Ideal for the Removal of Your Wisdom Teeth

The development of wisdom teeth leads to pain due to inadequate space. Your wisdom teeth may never erupt over your gum line, leading to the following potential dental issues:

  • Swollen or red gums
  • Inflammation of your jaws
  • Jaw bone pain
  • The thriving bacterial site, along your gum line of the impacted wisdom tooth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Damage to your jaw bone
  • Deposition of plaque, leading to decay
  • Painful wisdom teeth
  • Development of tumors on your oral tissues

You need to make an appointment with your dentist to extract the affected wisdom tooth to ensure you are not faced with further complications. If you don’t find a suitable time and treatment for a wisdom tooth extraction procedure, you’ll face the following conditions:

  • Your wisdom teeth will grow in awkward alignment.
  • Impacted teeth will lead to the growth of cysts, damage to the bone, and infections.
  • The wisdom teeth will not erupt from the gum line leading to facial inflammation.
  • Part of your wisdom tooth will break through your gum, leading to a gum tissue flap over the impacted section.
  • The deposition of food particles will lead to the formation of plaque, leading to severe infections. Your gums will become painful, red, and swollen.

What You Should Expect During the Procedure

Before the extraction procedure, your dentist will use anesthesia to ensure that the process is comfortable. The forms of anesthesia administration will vary based on the complexity of your wisdom tooth removal; here are the various categories:

  • Sedation anesthesia is administered through your arm, to suppress consciousness as you undergo the procedure. You will not experience pain, and local anesthesia can be used alongside sedation to keep your gums numb.
  • Local anesthesia is done via injections near the affected extraction site. Your dentist will apply the recommended substances to numb your gums, and you don’t experience pain.
  • General anesthesia is administered through nasal appliances. Your oral surgeon will monitor your breath and blood pressure.

Sedation dentistry lowers your anxiety and ensures that you don’t experience pain during the invasive procedure. Dr. Mark Summerford recommends you to undergo sedation in case your health conditions are preferable for anesthesia.

During extraction, your oral surgeon will:

  • Make a surgical incision into your gum tissues and expose the wisdom tooth and your jaw bone.
  • Remove the bone that’s hindering access to your tooth root.
  • Divide your tooth into pieces for easier extraction
  • Removes your impacted wisdom tooth
  • Clean the surgically affected site, to remove debris
  • Apply Stitches to enhance the healing process
  • Places a gauze to minimize bleeding over the extraction site

When You Need to Seek Further Medical Attention

After undergoing extraction, you may be faced by some issues, and the following are some of the risks associated with wisdom tooth extraction procedure:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Severe inflammation after the procedure
  • Numbness or persistent loss of feeling
  • Formation of pus in the sockets
  • Recurring severe pain that’s not alleviated by pain relievers

Visit your oral surgeon for additional treatment, since the issues may indicate you have nerve damage or a severe infection.

Undergoing Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Auburn, AL

We recommend you undertake a wisdom extraction procedure in Central Park Dental Care if the teeth compromise with your oral health. Impacted wisdom teeth under your gum line may lead to severe pain or trigger oral infections.

Our dental specialists in Auburn, AL, provide preventive, therapeutic services to preserve your oral health. Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgically-invasive approach, and we use local anesthesia, sedation, and general anesthesia before extracting your impacted or paining tooth.

We evaluate your medical history and your medications to determine the ideal treatment plan for you. If you are experiencing pain due to impacted wisdom teeth, make an appointment with our dentist in Auburn, AL today!

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