Why Is It Necessary to Take TMJ Treatment Before It Is Too Late?

Aug 01, 2022

What Is TMJ?

It is an acronym for Temporomandibular Joint, a connective tissue linking the jawbone to the skull. TMJ plays a significant role in the optimal functionality of your jawbone. Any dysfunction, illness, or injury in your jaw area can result in TMJ disorder, also called TMD.

Dental experts have yet to come up with a conclusive cause of TMJ syndrome. However, dentists in 36830 have identified various factors that could increase the likelihood of TMJ. They include the following:

  1. Bruxism – refers to excessively grinding teeth at night.
  2. Dental trauma – resulting from accidents or injuries.
  3. Poor posture – especially when sleeping.
  4. Clenching
  5. Stress, anxiety, and depression

How Does TMJ Affect You?

You may not appreciate the need for timely dental treatment in Auburn if you do not understand the effects of TMJ syndrome on your health. Some of the ways that this condition can affect your health are:

  1. Difficulty eating and speaking properly.
  2. Jaw lock – the jaw frequently gets stuck in the open-mouth position.
  3. Swollen and painful gums
  4. Migraine headaches
  5. Pain and a tingly sensation in your ears
  6. Difficulty sleeping well at night – linked to sleeping anomalies and conditions like nightmares, sleep apnea, insomnia, and imbalanced cortisol rhythms

What Does TMJ Treatment Entail?

TMJ treatments differ based on the underlying cause of your condition. A dentist near you must keenly examine and evaluate your oral health to identify the possible cause of your condition before offering apt treatment. Some treatment protocols for addressing TMJ condition at Central Park Dental Care are:

  1. Medications – including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, nerve pain medication, and sedatives.
  2. Muscle relaxants – you can easily access muscle relaxants for your jawbone in a dental office in Auburn. They will help relieve any pressure and tension in your jaw muscles, alleviating the pain.
  3. Wearing a night guard – is a mouth protector for your teeth and jaw. A night guard for TMJ works by overcoming the effects of teeth grinding when you sleep. Your dentist in Auburn will tailor-make the night guard. This way, it is comfortable and effective for protecting your teeth and jaw from the adverse effects of excessive teeth grinding.
  4. Stress and anxiety management – making lifestyle adjustments to relieve stress will help alleviate clenching that can result in TMJ disorder. If you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression, you may need anti-depressants and other medication to manage your mental state.
  5. Surgery – dentists near you will always consider surgery as the last resort for treating TMJ disorder. Surgery is often a good approach where the other treatment protocols have not worked. It also works well where the underlying cause of the disorder entails an injury, displacing or damaging the discs thereof.

Should You Prioritize TMJ Treatment?

Some of the reasons why you must be adamant about seeking TMJ treatment in Auburn, AL, are:

  1. To cure dental pain – the most predominant TMJ symptom is dental pain. You will experience excruciating pain in your jaw, gums, teeth, and head. The pain can be too severe that it prevents you from eating, speaking, or sleeping properly.
  2. To preserve your bone tissue – you must allow Dr. Mark Summerford to determine the underlying cause of your TMJ syndrome. Disc displacements and wearing-down can worsen with time if you do not treat the problem.
  3. To manage your mental health – even though stress and anxiety can be the beginning of your jaw pain, TMJ symptoms can worsen your mental health. It becomes a cycle you cannot break since TMJ disorder aggravates clenching, stress, and anxiety, worsening the initial condition.
  4. To prevent tooth erosion – TMJ dysfunction tenders immense pressure and tension on your jaw and teeth. Over time, it results in the wearing down of teeth’ enamel. The outcome may be increased teeth sensitivity, further deteriorating your oral health.
  5. To reinstate jaw mobility – one of the greatest indicators of TMJ disorder is your jaw’s immobility. It is the reason you encounter difficulties chewing, speaking, or closing your mouth. To regain optimal mouth functionality, seek TMJ treatment near you.

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