What Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Exercises Relieve Pain?

Oct 31, 2018

Temporomandibular joints connect your jawbone to your skull. Without your trusty temporomandibular joints, you couldn’t chew, speak, or swallow. Given how much we use these crucial joints, it’s no wonder that pain in them is a big deal. If you’re experiencing pain in the jaw with symptoms like clicking, your jaw sliding in and out of place, pain while chewing, you’re most likely suffering from TMJ.

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Understanding TMJ

Temporomandibular joint pain has numerous causes. The pain from TMJ manifests itself in a variety of ways, from aching muscles and sore jaw-joints to acute, sharp pains. Misaligned teeth, teeth grinding, stress, arthritis or system joint disease are just a few of the origins of TMJ pain. Facial injury is also a common cause of TMJ. With home care, TMJ resolves on its own in many instances.

Exercises for TMJ pain relief.

Exercises for TMJ, stretch the temporomandibular joint, strengthen the jaw, increase the mobility of the temporomandibular joint, and relaxes stressed-out temporomandibular joints. Here are some of the most common TMJ exercises:

  • Tongue up. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, then slowly and gently open and close your mouth.
  • Relaxed jaw exercise. Place your tongue on the top of your mouth, with the tip of your tongue lying right behind your front teeth. Part your teeth slowly.
  • Chin tucks. Sit or stand up straight. Make your posture erect with your shoulders back. Pull your chin straight back. Maintain the posture for three seconds. Repeat 10 times.
  • Goldfish exercises.
  • Resisted opening of the mouth and resisted closing of the mouth.
  • Side-to-side jaw movement
  • Forward jaw movement

A few other ways to manage your TMJ pain

Over-the-counter pain relievers can be helpful, as well as warm towels. Ice wrapped in a hand towel placed over the area (no more than 15 minutes) can also relieve pain.

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The bottom line on TMJ

TMJ often goes away on its own, but if pain persists and at-home treatments and exercises don’t help, visit your dentist in Auburn, AL. Dr. Mark Summerford can help you with your dental needs, including TMJ pain.

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