What is Sedation?

Feb 24, 2019

When we visit a dentist, we are seldom interested in how a dental procedure will be followed or what protocols is the dentist adhering to. We are just aware of what the process is and what is its purpose. If we have been through it earlier, we might even be aware of the pain profile the process has, if any.

Hence, it is obvious we do not think about whether the dentist uses a sedation process or a sleep process when performing complex dental procedures. We at Central Park Dental Care feel that it is important for every dental patient to be aware of this process.

Here is a guide to help you on the same:

Sleep Dentistry or Sedation Dentistry?

The motive of applying a sedation or a sleep technique is to ensure that if the dental process to be performed will exert any pain on the patient, the patient is immune from sensing and reacting to the pain.

Many dental procedures beyond the regular cleaning may require going for either sleeping or sedation techniques. The principle difference between sedation and sleep techniques, is that under the sleep techniques of dentistry, the patient is induced with local anaesthesia under the supervision of an anaesthesia specialist. The patient, under the sleep dentistry methods, will not be able to move at all during the dental procedures. Whereas, in sedation dentistry methods, the patient will not sense the pain but will be well aware of the ongoing processes.

Insurance Coverage

It is imperative for you to understand the risk profile both the dentistry methods carry. In order to understand the sedation dentistry modalities, one has to know about the sleep dentistry method. It has been clearly proven that since the patient is a near unconscious positon throughout the process, the sleep dentistry methods are a bit riskier. This is the reason why your insurance provider may or may not cover these methods or treatment.

In relation to that, sedation methods are relatively less risky and covered under major insurance providers.

Selecting a Sedation Dentist

When you are trying to select a sedation dentist, make sure you are aware of the dentist’s experience in performing such procedures and in ensuring about the risk profile each method has.

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