Signs You May Need a Night Guard

Aug 06, 2018

Do you often start each day with a pounding headache? Notice your teeth appear to be worn down? Bruxism is an extremely common dental condition which can result in uncomfortable symptoms and damage to your pearly whites. At Central Park Dental Care, we are happy to provide night guards in Auburn, AL for our patients interested in relief from their bruxism. Wondering if a night guard might be right for you? Here are some common signs to look out for:

Morning Headaches

If you often wake up each morning with headaches, there is a strong chance you are suffering from bruxism. Patients that suffer from bruxism experiencing unconscious clenching and grinding of the teeth, putting unnecessary pressure and stress on the muscles and joints. A bruxism night guard can reduce clenching and grinding along with the symptoms and damage associated with the condition.


Notice your teeth look worn or damaged? Another common sign you may be experiencing bruxism is damage to your smile. As you clench and grind your teeth throughout the night, the pressure can actually wear down, chip, crack and even fracture your teeth. With a bruxism night guard, your teeth are not able to meet, eliminating the risk of damage.

Jaw Pain

Did you know that joints in your jaw are responsible for your ability to properly open your mouth, speak, chew and even eat? With bruxism, unnecessary pressure is placed on these joints, often resulting in temporomandibular joint disorders, dysfunction and pain. A bruxism night guard can reduce the stress applied to your jaw, reducing your discomfort and pain.

Get Bruxism Treatment in Auburn, AL

Tired of living life with daily discomfort due to your bruxism? Schedule a consultation with Central Park Dental Care today, we’d be happy to examine your smile, jaw and overall oral health to determine if a bruxism night guard in Auburn is right for you.

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