Should You Opt for a Crown or Implant-Supported Bridge?

Apr 01, 2023

Dental bridges have long been a popular solution for missing teeth replacements. Dental bridges bridge the gap between your teeth with false teeth held by dental crowns supported by healthy neighboring teeth beside the edentulous gap.

If you have a tooth with extensive damage or decay, you can have it restored with dental crowns near you to improve mouth functionality and aesthetics if the tooth is in the aesthetic zone. Materials like porcelain and metals help bond dental crowns over the damaged tooth to restore strength, size, appearance, and functionality.

As can be seen, although dental crowns help support restorations for missing or damaged teeth, they serve different purposes. If you have an extensively damaged tooth, replacing it with a dental bridge is unnecessary unless the tooth needs extraction because it is impractical to restore. Therefore before you opt for a dental bridge or crown, you must assess your situation with the dentist near you to ascertain whether you need a Crown or a dental bridge supported by crowns to restore the functionalities you lost with the damaged or missing tooth.

You may find it easier to decide in favor of an implant-supported dental bridge from dental bridges in Auburn, Al, if you have a missing tooth and want to replace it before the consequences of losing a tooth start affecting you. Implant-supported bridges are similar to traditional bridges except that the implant requires insertion in your jawbone and plenty of healing time before the crowns dentist near you helps replace your missing tooth with a dental crown mounted on the implant.

How Can a Crown and Dental Bridge Piece Together Your Smile?

When you miss a tooth, the loss impacts your smile and your general health. A bridge from the dental office in Auburn, Al, helps bridge the gap between your teeth with a dental bridge and two crowns mounted on the neighboring healthy teeth that function as abutments or anchoring teeth. However, if you favor an implant-supported dental bridge to replace a missing tooth but don’t have healthy neighboring teeth, you must have dental implants inserted on either side of the missing tooth gap. You must wait for the implants to fuse with your jawbone before having dental crowns near you mounted atop them with a bridge between them to close the gap between your teeth.

Which Option Is Best Suited for Your Needs?

The condition of your teeth determines which option is optimal for your requirements. For example, if you have healthy teeth adjacent to the missing tooth gap, you can use them to support a dental bridge. In such cases, you can consider a traditional bridge if you are reluctant to undergo surgery or if evidence of gum disease is present in your mouth. On the other hand, if you favor implant-supported bridges, you must have adequate jawbone to support the implant after it is embedded in your jaw.

On the other hand, if you don’t want a modification of your healthy teeth to accommodate dental crowns or dental bridges in Auburn, Al, and satisfy the criteria necessary for dental implant placement, implants can be placed at both sides of the gap of the missing teeth with crowns holding a bridge attached between them to function as your missing teeth. Implants are standalone placements requiring no modification of the neighboring teeth confirming that your natural teeth maintain their integrity and the artificial tooth doesn’t rely on the health of your natural teeth to support them.

Choosing the Best Methods for Your Needs

Whether you want to restore missing teeth or damaged ones, the best technique to determine which option suits your needs is to visit the provider in one to assess whether your damaged tooth is restorable using dental crowns.

Dentists will not recommend dental bridges if you have a portion of the natural tooth remaining in your jawbone. Instead, they suggest fixing the tooth with a dental crown by removing some enamel to accommodate the crown. After getting the crown bonded over the tooth, you can continue using it like your natural teeth for years with proper dental hygiene.

In contrast, if you have lost a tooth or two, the provider will likely not offer you dental crowns but recommend replacing the tooth as soon as possible using implant-supported or traditional dental bridges if you have healthy teeth to anchor the bridge. Therefore you must understand that while dental crowns support dental bridges, they need help for placement in the mouth with a portion of your natural tooth or an implant to keep them.

If you want to fix a damaged or extensively decayed tooth or like to restore the gap in your mouth with an implant-supported Bridge, Central Park Dental Care Office provides excellent remedies for both issues with dental crowns or bridges in Auburn. Consult them today to determine which option suits your needs to restore your mouth functionality as soon as possible.

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