Night Guards: Shielding Your Smile from the Silent Teeth Grinding

Aug 01, 2023

Do you experience excruciating headaches and a sore jaw after waking up? Are your teeth worn and flattened? It indicates you may have bruxism, which causes you to grind your teeth when sleeping. Teeth grinding damages your teeth and jaw, making it essential to schedule a meeting with the dentist in Auburn to evaluate your situation before it aggravates.

Do not express surprise when the Auburn dentist suggests wearing a nightguard when sleeping to counter teeth grinding. Night guards are oral appliances you can wear when sleeping to protect your teeth from the adverse effects of bruxism. The device helps prevent damage to your teeth and jaw from the silent teeth grinding affecting you.

Bruxism Explained

The medical phrase for teeth grinding is bruxism. Bruxism happens unconsciously, making you remain unaware of it. Whether you are conscious of scrunching your teeth or not, bruxism can cause severe damage to your teeth by wearing them down.

Teeth grinding can result in various problems like headaches, dental pain, jaw soreness, tooth damage like chipped, fractured, loose teeth, earaches, and neck pain.

The force of teeth grinding ensures the jaw overwork causes you to wake up feeling sore. The tender muscles of your teeth, jaw, and neck contribute to headaches. You will need expensive dental crowns or other restorations to repair teeth if you sustain severe damage. Dental night guards help alleviate bruxism problems while saving you money in the long run.

What Are Night Guards?

Night guards in Auburn, Al, are excellent for stopping nighttime teeth grinding. The Auburn dentist provides relief from teeth grinding by taking impressions of your teeth, sending them to a dental laboratory, and having a nightguard explicitly designed for you. Night guards safeguard your teeth, forming a protective shield between your upper and lower teeth. Wearing the customized dental appliance when sleeping events your teeth from contacting each other to grinding against each other, helping you avoid the need for dental restorations later.

The Benefits of Using Night Guards

A nightguard for teeth grinding has several benefits because it helps eliminate the headaches you experience besides the pain and discomfort in your jaw or teeth. Night guards help improve your overall sleep quality and assist you in waking feeling refreshed instead of groggy or in pain.

Overcoming teeth grinding is challenging, especially if you are under stress. The nightguard the dentist near me provides can prevent enamel erosion from the teeth grinding to help you avoid needing dental restorations like veneers, dental bonding, crowns, et cetera. Therefore, it helps if you seek advice from a nearby dentist to alleviate teeth-grinding symptoms to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Who Can Benefit from Using Night Guards?

Night guards are beneficial for people with bruxism and sleep apnea. If bruxism causes headaches, damages teeth, and affects your sleep quality, sleep apnea interrupts breathing when sleeping to also results in similar consequences. However, sleep apnea can affect your overall health, making you vulnerable to issues like hypertension, daytime fatigue, cardiovascular disease, and accidents when operating vehicles or machinery. Fortunately, the night guards offered by Dentist 36830 help alleviate all symptoms and safeguard your dental and overall health.

Using Night Guards: Tips and Recommendations

If the dental office in Auburn recommends a nightguard to overcome bruxism, you must rinse the appliance in warm water before placing it in your mouth and after removing it. You can brush the nightguard with your toothbrush without using toothpaste. Instead, consider using mild soap as a nonabrasive cleanser for the device. You must allow the nightguard to dry entirely by keeping it on a flat surface and storing the appliance in a storage case provided by the dentist. Clean the nightguard deeply once a month, requesting suggestions from the dentist to ensure the device maintains its lifespan without making you need replacements faster.

Common Misconceptions about Night Guards

When suggesting night guards as dental treatment in Auburn for teeth grinding, you will likely compare the prices of store-bought mouthguards available at affordable prices as an appropriate solution. Unfortunately, over-the-counter mouthguards merely fit the upper teeth and are uncomfortable for breathing. Therefore you must prefer a customized device for your mouth and teeth by calculating the expenditure of restoring teeth instead of trying to save money by researching OTC options.

Dental night guards customized by the Central Park Dental Office are optimal against teeth grinding. If you experience the symptoms of bruxism, kindly do not hesitate to contact them for a customized nightguard to prevent damage to your teeth.

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