Key Differences Between Silver, Gold, Ceramic and More Fillings

Aug 16, 2019

When teeth have a cavity, it needs to be treated on priority to safeguard yours from further dental inflammations. To accomplish this treatment, you need to visit a dentist who will examine your problem area, clean it and cover it with a dental filling.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

This filling is a mixture of copper, silver, tin, mercury and sometimes other metals too. Silver amalgam fillings are generally preferred because:

  • It can last for a period of 10-15 years.
  • The treatment is cheaper than the other options available.
  • Provide support to teeth
  • It ensured better results

It is most widely preferred but it comes with a poor esthetical appearance that can be noticed easily. It also comes with the risk of


Composite Fillings

Composite fillings constituted of materials like plastic and resin and are preferred much because they are aesthetically more pleasing which means, the color of this filling matches with the color of your natural teeth. However, as they are not durable and need to be replaced after a period of 5 years gives people a disadvantage of opting composite filling.

Ceramic Fillings

Made up of porcelain and other durable materials, a composite filling is more appealing and aesthetically pleasant. They are resistant to staining and can last for 15 years. On the contrary, this type of filling cost as much as of Gold and can cause irritation while chewing and biting also.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Consist of certain glass and acrylic material, these fillings are less expensive. It releases fluoride offering more support and protection to the teeth. However, being less durable and vulnerable to tooth loss these fillings are less popular.

Gold Fillings

Made of Gold, these fillings don’t corrode with time and can last for a long time. But, as they expensive and aesthetically unpleasant people don’t go for this option much.

So if you are pissed off because of constant pain arising due to cavity, dental fillings can be a suitable option for you.

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