How to Properly Clean Dental Crown’s Teeth?

May 04, 2022

According to a research study carried out by The American College of Prosthodontists, at least 178 million Americans have a missing tooth. Furthermore, the chances of experiencing tooth loss tend to rise as you get older, meaning you find yourself in a similar situation sooner rather than later. Dental crowns and bridges are still considered one of the best dental restoration procedures available; this means that likelihood of your dentist recommending dental crown bridges is high. This article will focus on the benefits of dental crowns and how to care for them properly.

What Are Dental Crown Bridges?

A dental crown is a cap resembling a tooth placed on a damaged tooth or implant for dental restoration. Before you can undergo crown treatment, your dentist will have to take an x-ray scan of your teeth to send to the dental lab for customization.

A dental bridge is a dental device made from porcelain or resin and consists of one or several artificial teeth. If you want to replace a missing tooth through crown restoration, you’ll need first to install dental bridges.

Advantages of Dental Crowns and Bridges

Improves Your Confidence

Besides restoring the functionality of a damaged tooth, crown restoration can positively impact your confidence. When your tooth gets damaged, you may be embarrassed to talk, smile, or laugh in public. You can live comfortably without worrying about people noticing your dental flaws by getting dental crowns. Visit a dental office in Auburn today to restore your smile and improve your confidence.

Protect Your Teeth From Damage

When your tooth gets damaged, it becomes weak and susceptible to decay. The longer you prolong treatment, the more plaque and bacteria hide inside your damaged tooth. Soon enough, the bacteria will release acids that will destroy your tooth enamel and cause decay. Don’t wait for bacteria to destroy your tooth, visit a crown dentist near you as soon as possible.

Replace Missing Teeth

We do not recommend you stay for an extended period without replacing your missing teeth. The lack of nerve stimulation caused by a missing tooth signals the gums to stop sending nutrients to the jaw bone resulting in bone loss. Have your missing tooth replaced by an Auburn dentist near you to prevent future bone loss.

How to Keep Your Crowns and Bridges Clean

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Your dental crowns and bridges have tiny spaces near the gum line. These gaps can serve as a breeding ground for food particles to hide in and later cause gum disease. To remove plaque from your dental implants, brush your teeth and crown bridges thoroughly using a soft bristle toothbrush. Also, don’t forget to regularly floss between your teeth, gum tissue, and dental bridge to prevent gum-related diseases.

Watch What You Eat

Once your dental crowns get stained, restoring their white color is difficult. Too much coffee, wine, and black tea consumption can cause staining of dental crowns. In addition, smoking has been found to stain dental crowns and cause natural teeth discoloration. Stop smoking and watch what you eat to keep your dental crowns clean and attractive.

Don’t Apply a Lot of Pressure on Your Crowns

Although crowns are strong enough to chew, too much pressure will cause premature wear and accidental damage. To prolong the life of your dental crowns, avoid grinding your tooth when stressed and stay away from hard food.

Go for Regular Dental Checkups

Routine dental checkups, at least once in every 6 months, are recommended. During regular dental visits, your dentist can test your crowns and bridges to determine if they are still in good condition. If they find a problem with the crowns, they will make necessary adjustments to correct them. 

How to Brush Teeth With Crowns

Use Proxy Tooth Brushes

A traditional toothbrush is often too big to access all the tiny spaces in your prosthetics. Using a proxy brush makes cleaning plaque stuck between your dental devices easy; A proxy brush plays a significant role in preventing oral diseases since it is small enough to clean between your gums and dental appliances. Contact Central Park Dental Care for assistance if you have trouble locating a shop that sells proxy brushes.

Be Thorough

Unlike regular teeth, dental crowns can have additional spaces for bacteria and plaque to thrive. Therefore, Dr. Mark Summerford advises you to brush frequently and thoroughly from different angles to ensure no food particles are left behind.


Dental crowns and bridges not only restore your teeth but also protect you from experiencing bone loss. Lack of proper care could result in staining or damage to your dental crown; Follow the tips we have provided to learn how to take appropriate care of your dental crown device. If you wish to restore your damaged or missing tooth, visit us for the best Dental Crowns in Auburn, AL. We have a flexible payment plan and use advanced dental technology to provide our patients with the best dental care in Alabama.

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