Common Myths About Full and Partial Dentures and the Facts Behind Them

Nov 01, 2020

If you are missing multiple teeth or all of your teeth on the jaw, your dentist in Auburn might have recommended full or partial dentures. Replacing your secondary teeth as soon as they are lost is a significant move. Otherwise, if you hold on to an empty jaw, the jawbone starts deteriorating.

To prevent bone loss, your dentist or oral surgeon will recommend specific types of dentures. In such a case, you can choose between dentures& partials. If you have lost teeth on your whole jaw, your dentist will recommend a full denture. When you have multiple teeth lost on the same part of the jaw, the dentist can recommend partial dentures.

You might feel discouraged to go for dentures due to the myths and misconceptions you hear about them. Therefore, in this blog, we aim to enlighten you on the facts about dentures.

Myths About Dentures& Partials

Some of the beliefs about dentures include:

It is Difficult to Eat with Dentures on

Some people believe that it is difficult to eat with your dentures. During the first days after getting dentures or partials, you might have difficulties eating some of your favorite foods. After getting dentures, there is an adjustment period for your jaw and facial muscles to get used to holding your dentures.

Therefore, Dr. Mark Summerford recommends starting with soft foods and introducing other foods into your diet gradually. Most patients get accustomed to dentures after a few weeks. Though dentures and partials are false teeth, they can get to function like natural teeth with the right and a few adjustments.

Dentures Are Unattractive

Traditional dentures might have created sunken cheeks and led people to believe that even modern ones are cosmetically unappealing. Modern dentures resemble your natural teeth. If you require partials, you and your dentist will work together to create dentures that blend in with your natural teeth.

Unlike traditional dentures, modern ones support your facial tissues, creating aesthetic appearances. Therefore, you should not hold back on getting dentures, fearing they will affect your appearance negatively. On the contrary, dentures or partials boost your facial aesthetics.

You Don’t Have to Visit a Dentist After Getting Dentures

Since dentures are prosthetic, some patients believe that you don’t have to go for dental exams or any other oral treatment procedures. However, the belief is not true. What you need to understand is your mouth consists of more than teeth.

Your jaw, gums, and other mouth tissues can still be subject infections, recession, or deterioration after getting dentures. Therefore, you should consider regular oral exams to check your mouth for issues, as well as the strength and condition of your dentures or partials.

Dentures or Partials Appear as Fake

You have probably seen your grandparents wear dentures and could differentiate them from your natural teeth. However, nowadays, you can get dentures that mimic your natural teeth. Therefore, no one can notice if you have dentures.

If you have dentures and people can distinguish them from your natural teeth, you might need a refitting. Also, you might consider visiting your dentist if you experience the following:

  • Notice clicking, especially if you have partials
  • Slipping of the dentures
  • Unpleasant odor and staining of the dentures

Dentures Repairs Take Long

Dentures typically last more than seven years without the need for a replacement. However, they can be subject to breaking and wear and tear. In the past, it took up to weeks to get a repair for your dentures. Some people even opted to get a new set of dentures.

However, nowadays, you can get your dentures repaired in a day.

Dentures Always Feel Strange

When you get dentures, you are likely to feel different. Your natural teeth have roots that enable the sensation of heat and cold. Dentures, on the other hand, lack nerves and roots. Therefore, you are not likely to feel the same as when you have your natural teeth.

However, with time, you will get used to the dentures and feel comfortable when wearing them.


Modern dentures or partials are effective if you get the right fit and types. Therefore, at Central Park Dental, we recommend you work with our dentist to help choose the right dentures or partials for you.

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