Celebrate This Valentine’s Day with Dental Exam and Cleaning

Feb 01, 2020

Valentine’s Day is just over a month away and is a time when you would want to meet your Valentine not just with red roses but also with a box of chocolates which both of you would love to enjoy. While we would like to wish you a great day on February 14, 2020, we also extend our wishes to your teeth hoping you would have safeguarded them from the problems the sugary stuff would expose them to.

Resisting the chocolates or the fun of Valentine’s Day will be difficult so why not just visit your dentist for a dental exam and cleaning before the special day? The visit will not take much time and will give you peace of mind knowing that your dental health is in good condition to gorge on the wonderful chocolates and to have a great time. Are you wondering why you should be heading to the dentist’s clinic just a month before the special day? Let us provide you some answers to make you aware of the importance of dental examinations.

Why Dental Exams Are Important?

Regular dental exams help to protect not just your oral health but also your overall health. For example, signs and symptoms of certain systemic conditions like lupus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis generally display indications of the disease in the mouth. If your dentist identifies any of these problems you may be recommended to have a consultation with your doctor for additional advice. A dental exam also allows your dentist to provide you some tips on caring for your teeth and to identify oral health problems early when they can be effectively treated.

When To Consider Having the Dental Exam?

You can contact your dentist right away for an appointment and get the exam over within the next week so you have sufficient time at your disposal also to complete the cleanings needed in time to have a fresh smile and healthy teeth ready for Valentine’s Day treats.

The dental exam should not instill any fear of the dentist in you because the dentist will only be evaluating your oral and overall health along with your oral hygiene. He or she will be attempting to evaluate your risks of tooth decay, gum disease, bone disease, and root decay if any. Your mouth will be checked for any orthodontic issues that need correction all the while making attempts to ensure you are totally comfortable with the examination. X-rays may also be taken if needed for other diagnostic procedures.

The Dental Cleaning Will Follow the Examinations

After the examinations are over the dental hygienist will begin the dental cleaning. They will be removing any stains or deposits of plaque and tartar on your teeth before demonstrating proper techniques of cleaning your teeth and flossing. Fluoride treatments if needed will also be provided. Dental exams or cleanings should not cause any anxiety in you because these are simple procedures and will not require you to go under the drill or anesthesia unless you need to have fillings for cavities that may have been discovered by the dentist.

The dental hygienist will be checking your mouth to look for signs of gingivitis or any other potential problems before beginning the cleaning. If any problems are detected the dentist will be evaluating your mouth again to make sure it is okay to proceed. The dental hygienist will then remove any plaque and tartar deposits on your teeth and let you enjoy brushing with an electric toothbrush and a gritty toothpaste. The sound is created by the toothbrush may appear scary but they will remove any leftover deposits of tartar during the cleaning.

You will receive a demonstration of expert flossing from a professional despite being involved in the habit in your home regularly. The demonstration will also help to remove any particles between your teeth from the cleaning process.

Finally, you come to the end of the cleaning when a fluoride treatment will be applied to your teeth to fight against cavities for several months. As you are at a higher risk of cavities next month because of Valentine’s Day the fluoride treatment will ensure you can have all the chocolates you want without being fearful about cavities developing on your teeth as long as you brush and floss after enjoying yourself.

Dental exams and cleanings must be scheduled every six months not just for yourself but also for your children who are more prone to cavities and other problems. Being fearful of any dentist will not help you get the dental exams or cleanings you need and therefore it is suggested that you overcome the fear by visiting Central Park Dental Care where Dr. Mark Summerford will ensure you are fully prepared for Valentine’s Day without a single problem in your mouth. Perhaps the only suggestion the dentist will provide is to brush and floss your teeth after enjoying the treats in February or any month after that.

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