Are Dentures Used for Senior Citizens Only?

Jul 01, 2022

It is a common belief that dentures are only for senior citizens, but this isn’t true. These restorations are ideal for anyone who has lost some or all of their teeth. If you have lost teeth, getting partial or full dentures in Auburn, AL, can help you eat and speak properly. Dentures can also improve your appearance and give you back your self-confidence.

What are Dental Dentures?

A dental denture is a false set of teeth attached to the gums or the bone in your mouth. They are used when they have lost some or all of their teeth. Dentures are made from different materials, and they are usually either acrylic, porcelain, or plastic. They come in different shapes and styles, used to replace missing teeth.

What Kind of Dentures Are Available?

Two types of dentures are available, and they are:

1. Complete Dentures
These are shaped like a natural set of teeth and are usually made from plastic, acrylic, or materials. Complete dentures are often the best solution for people who have lost all their teeth.

These dentures are further classified into two; immediate and conventional. A denture dentist near you may recommend immediate dentures to protect your gums during recovery. These dentures are pre-fabricated at the dental office and worn after tooth extraction. However, as the jaw shrinks, these dentures can become ill-fitting, and that is why they are used as a temporary measure. Conventional dentures are made after the gums are healed.

2. Partial dentures are for people who have lost some teeth but still have some teeth left in their mouth. These devices are made with a gum base and clasp, and they use the remaining teeth for support. They can be more stable than complete dentures because of their structure.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

While dentures might not be the best choice for every patient, they are a good option for people who have healthy teeth and jaw support. A dentist in 36830 may also recommend dentures if you do not want an invasive or lengthy teeth replacement procedure.

What is the Dental Denture Procedure?

At a dental office in Auburn, the dentist will complete a series of dental exams, including x-rays. The dentist will measure your jaw and how they relate to each other and take impressions of your jaws. He will make a series of the cast to determine the fit before making the final denture cast.

What are the Alternatives to Dentures?

Dental bridges and implants are great alternatives to dentures.

Bridges are a permanent, non-invasive procedure that can replace one or multiple missing teeth. The process takes two dental visits, spread over several weeks.

Teeth implants are surgically fixed on the jaw to anchor the artificial teeth. They are long-lasting compared to bridges and can stop bone loss. However, Dr. Mark Summerford will recommend these posts if you have sufficient bone support.

 How Can You Care for Your Dentures?

  • Eat softer foods 

Eating softer foods such as soup, applesauce, and pudding helps denture wearers feel better. Not only does softer food help soothe sore gums, but it can also improve the fit of dentures.

Avoid hot and spicy foods, making them more difficult to chew properly.

  • Maintain proper hygiene

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush because it makes cleaning your teeth simple. Regular brushing removes plaque and debris from between the teeth and on the gums, which helps keeps the mouth healthy.

Avoid too much brushing because it can damage the soft tissue lining of your loved one’s mouth and gums. Keep brushing gently and avoid over-brushing.

Do not forget to clean the dentures before wearing them to avoid plaque accumulation. Always keep the dentures moist by storing the teeth in a denture solution when you are not wearing them.

  • Get readjustment 

The dentures will become ill-fitting as the jaw shrinks, and you will need a realignment occasionally. Call the dentist if you notice the dentures becoming loose, gum irritation, or soreness.

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