7 Best TMJ Exercises for Pain Relief

Sep 01, 2019

Do you know about the joint which can go up and down, left and right and backward and forward? If you are a thinking about TMJ then you are right. This joint allows you to speak and eat properly which is not the case if you are suffering from TMJ disorder. It is a very painful condition where you feel pain while talking or chewing anything. You may also listen sounds like clicking or popping every time you move that bone. If this is the case, it would be suggested that you visit Dentist in 36830. There are many exercises available for the same to get relief from the pain. Following you will find some of them-

Relaxed jaw opening: In this exercise what you need to do is just relax your tongue on the upper surface of the mouth and open your teeth. This allows your jaw to relax and provides some kind relief from the pain. You need to do this exercise regularly as Dentist in Opelika AL suggest.

Goldfish exercise for partial opening: In this exercise, you need to place your tongue on the upper part of the mouth and then place a finger on TMJ joint and the another finger of the other hand you need to put on the chin. Once you are done with that then you need to open your mouth partially and close. Do this exercise six-times in one set and six sets in one day to get the optimum result. Opelika Dentist suggests you might feel resistance but not pain.

Goldfish exercise for full opening: This is very similar to the above exercise. You again need to put tongue on the above surface and then you need to make sure that you put one finger on TMJ joint and another finger of the other hand on chin. This time you need to open your mouth completely. As Auburn Dentist suggested you need to do this six-times in one set.

Chin Tucks: In this exercise, you need to put your shoulder back. A simple way to do it is holding your hand on the backside of your body. After you have done this, you will find that your chest is risen. Now you need to move your chin back and forth. When you push back your chin then you need to hold that for three seconds and repeat this cycle for 10 times. Dentist in Auburn AL believes that it is one of the most important exercises to do.

Resisted opening to the mouth: Dental Clinic in Auburn suggests that you need to create situation where it is resists to open your mouth. For that you need to place your thumb under the chin and then push against it to open your mouth. Then you need to open your mouth slowly which creates resistance. You need to hold for three to six-seconds and then close it slowly. You need to make sure that everything happens gently.

Resisted closing to the mouth: Dentist in Auburn Dentist Offices suggest this exercise where you need to create a situation that you are not able to close your mouth. With your hand, you need to hold your chin with your index finger and thumb. Now with open mouth you need to close it very gently and slowly. This is one of the best way to strengthen your chewing power as Family Dentistry suggest.

Tongue up: One of the renowned dentists in Dental Office in Auburn AL suggest this exercise where your tongue is touching the upper part of the mouth and you open your mouth and close it slowly. Make sure that you do not give much strain to your mouth muscles.

Apart from the exercise, you need to make sure that you get checkup from Dentist Near Me. You can even try other things such as mouthguard, ice- not directly applied to the skin, acupuncture and so on. It would be suggested that you should not do this kind of exercise without consulting with Family Dentist Near Me. If you do not have a family dentist then you can contact the Central Park Dental Care. They are one of the best experts in dealing with TMJ disorder. It would help you to guide with the right technique.

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