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Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are a number of preventative reasons dentists remove one, or all, of your wisdom teeth (also referred to as your third molars). Many people’s jaws are not big enough to provide adequate room for the proper development of wisdom teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth only partially come in, or develop at an awkward angle that can cause pain and other dental problems. Regardless of the reason, our staff understands getting your wisdom teeth out is a momentous and possibly stressful experience. However, we are experienced in dealing with all phases of this procedure and will help you have the smoothest experience possible. You can expect recovery to take anywhere from three to seven days and our staff will advise you on managing pain, how to clean the area, best practices for eating and other post-surgery issues. You should plan to minimize activity for a few days after the surgery and clear your work, school and/or social schedules as much as possible. 

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