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Dentures and Partials

Tooth loss can affect self-confidence, quality of life and overall health. Not only is smile appearance affected, but an inability to properly chew food can also disrupt proper digestion. At Central Park Dental Care, P.C., our goal is to create a natural-looking denture so that you can smile and enjoy food and social relationships with confidence.

A denture is a removable appliance that has plastic "teeth" mounted in an acrylic or metal base. Complete dentures are designed to replace all of the teeth in an arch. Partial dentures rest on remaining teeth to support an appliance which replaces several missing teeth.

Fabrication of a custom-fitted denture begins with a records appointment including impressions and shade selections. Our doctors work closely with our dental laboratory to design dentures that meet your specific needs of fit, esthetics, bite, and speech. Our process includes "try-in" visits throughout the fabrication procedure to help ensure the accuracy of the final result.

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Dentures and Partials

Tooth loss affects self-confidence, quality of life and overall health. Regardless of age, you can regain the functionality of your teeth with customized dentures. Live beautifully and smile more as you do.

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Conscious Sedation Dentistry

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is best to have troublesome wisdom teeth removed while the patient is young. In young people, a tooth’s roots have not formed totally, and the bond surrounding the tooth is softer. This allows for easier removal of the tooth and less risk of damage to nerves, bone or other teeth. 

Crowns and Bridges

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